Welcome! This is where I’ll be blogging about my summer internship with Western Heads East (WHE) and MikonoYetu. Go to the “About My Internship” page to learn more.

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An overdue update (8/16/2020)

WOW, I had almost forgotten about this blog entirely. Not that it’s an excuse or anything, but time seems to be passing really strangely now. (I’m sure other people can relate to that, especially anyone else who’s working remotely.) Despite the fact that I can’t meet with any of our WHE team or MikonoYetu team …

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Progress so far (7/26/2020)

It’s hard to believe I’m already four weeks into the internship. Here’s a quick-fire rundown of what we (Rebecca, Jade, and I) have all done so far: Read about what previous interns have done on their blogs and on OWL Read about MikonoYetu through their Facebook page and YouTube channels Made notes on the WHE …

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